Alaukik Himachal Pradesh (Hindi Medium) Volume-I


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Alaukik Himachal Pradesh book is complete encyclopedia on Himachal Pradesh. Useful for H.A.S, H.J.S, Allied Services, M.A Students, Research scholars & General readers. The book has detail information on each and every aspect of Himachal Pradesh. The largest ever book on this tiny state, having more than XVI + 1320 pages. This Volume contains chapter on Geography of Himachal Pradesh, Tribes and Communities in Himachal Pradesh, Women Empowerment, Social life and Culture, Temple and Temple Architecture in Himachal Pradesh, Fairs and Festival and Painting in Himachal Pradesh, Tourism in Himachal Pradesh, History of Himachal Pradesh, District wise history of Himachal Pradesh and Freedom Struggle to the birth of Himachal Pradesh.

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